The all new HP DesignJet Z Series


Introducing the HP DesignJet Z6 & Z9 series – they’re taking print quality to the next level.



HP DesignJet Z9 & Z6 machines offer outstanding precision and perfection in print without compromising speed and agility. Sounds too good to be true? This is the printer series you need to see to believe, and now you can.


Key features of the HP designjet Z6 & Z9 series

The most memorable print to consumers is the one with the most impact, the best printer for you creates memorable print, without compromising on the speed and agility that a modern business needs. These key features of the HP Z6 & Z9 series ensures your client will be coming back for more, time and time again.


What does our CEO say?

For over 35 Nigel has been working in print and printers, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. He’s also obsessive about perfection and quality.

When HP told me they were showcasing a new machine series I'd be interested in at FESPA this year, I wasn't expecting this. These HP Z machines are just phenomenal! I can't get over how incredible the print is, and I'm really excited to show these off to our clients, we know they are going to be the next biggest thing!

The HP DesignJet Z6 & Z9 in more detail

1.3 trillion photos were taken in 2017 – consumers can’t help but love a good pic. With consumers now expecting to see more imagery in the real world from brands, because of social apps like Instagram, the market for large photo merchandising grew seven per cent in 2017, with even more growth predicted for 2018.

The demand for simplicity and unique photo quality is rising, fueling the need for printing solutions that remove bottlenecks and increase time savings.

Just in time it seems, HP Inc. unveiled its new DesignJet Z Printer series offering fantastic image quality and fast, simple output for print service providers (PSPs), retailers, and creatives to deliver beautiful photos, impactful graphics, and technical applications.

The new HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+ Printer series is designed to be as efficient as possible while maximising printing performance for fantastic photo output. By tightly integrating the materials, hardware, and software together, the new printers offer incredible photo quality and print permanence with fewer inks to simplify manageability and reduce costs. The new vertical trimmer is featured on select models to optimise output in addition to other innovative technologies for rapid, high-quality production from professional photo quality prints to retailer signage. The result is printing 2.5 times faster and post-production 20 per cent faster.

HP DesignJet Z Printer series, both available in 24 and 44-inch formats, are built to give PSPs a competitive edge by enabling the fastest printing capabilities available on the market today. As an industry first, the HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+ offer a premium option with an onboard vertical trimmer for fast and efficient production. New colour technology, HP Pixel Control, manages colours in a truly digital way to help customers embrace new opportunities for colour-rich and dynamic printing.


Specific technologies and features include


  • Pixel control
  • Vertical trimmer
  • HD nozzle architechture
  • Enhanced & rigid security
  • HP applications centre
  • Indoor & outdoor durability
  • HP PrintOS