Summa F Series

The Summa F Series offers a cutting product line based on 30 years of expertise building the world’s very best cutting plotters. These advanced engineered flatbed cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock.

The Summa F Series Flatbed cutters are multifunctional with a variety of tools and bed sizes. You can use 3 modules at any one time with drag or tangential, as well as router. Summa’s new optical camera ensures superb accuracy. There are many tools for the modules available to give creasing, kiss cuts, v-cuts, and more. There is a roll to roll option available with media transport system.

  • Model F2630: 265 x 305
  • Model F1612: 129 x 305
  • Model F1330: 160 x 120
  • Media width up to 270 cm
  • Speed up to 1000 mm/sec
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Summa F Series cutting plotter