Contex IQ Quattro Series

The Contex IQ Quattro series sets the highest SD standards in scanning technical documents, maps and drawings. Built to withstand high-volume use on a daily basis, and available in a new sleek and lightweight design. With the IQ Quattro’s you get a total scanning solution with leading-edge software and network connectivity that fit your existing tools and business processes.

These machines have a width of up to 44″ and scan in full colour at an optical resolution of 1200DPi with up to 2mm thickness of original at a top speed of 14″ per second; perfect for the CAD/GIS markets.

  • Models: 4490 / 4450 / 3650 / 3690 / 2490
  • Scan speed up to 14 in/sec in black & white
  • Up to 9600 DPi
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Contex IQ Quattro 4490 scanner