Kala Sirocco


Sirocco laminators are meant for printers & finishers willing to offer the most common finishing requirement up to a width of 1,60m (63”). Versatile and economical, these machines can operate pressure sensitive and thermal film as well. Sirocco is ideal for middle size job runs when using thermal film and can produce large runs with pressure sensitive film. The perfect choice for a first roll lamination system in your company.

There are 2 machines available depending on the size of your print and the printing capacity of your printer: Sirocco 1600, 1,60m (63”) and Sirocco 1080 in 1,08 metre (43”). Sirocco 1080 is delivered as a tabletop laminator which can be also be fitted with an optional stand.

All the functions are microprocessor-controlled and centralised on the control panel for a smooth operation.

  • Up to 1600 mm working width
  • Up to 25 mm thickness of print + board

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