kala atlantic 1600

Kala Atlantic

WIDEFORMAT  /  1600 / 1090

For large volumes and high-quality results, the Atlantic is the perfect solution for printers & finishers who want to offer their customers the widest possible choice for the finishing of their print.

With performance and accessories meant to facilitate the user life, Atlantic machines can be operated by unskilled operators without much knowledge of lamination.

There are 2 machines in this range depending on the type of job and the width of the documents to be processed:

Atlantic 1600 – 1’60m (63”) wide: separate adjustment of the lower and upper heating roller temperature, to combine film of different thicknesses for a broader choice of application.

Atlantic 1090 – 1,08m (43”) wide: same heat on upper and lower heating roller, to complete ideally your medium size printer for large job runs.

  • Up to 250 microns thickness
  • Encapsulation with opaque backing substrates
kala atlantic 1600

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