Contex quattro mfp2go

Contex MFP2GO

WIDEFORMAT  /  IQ Quattro 24 MFP2GO / IQ Quattro 44 MFP2GO / SD 36 MFP2GO

Contex MFP2GO is our easy plug-and-play solution for your large-format printer, when you need to scan, share and copy changes to plans and drawings. The solution connects easily to your printer, giving you a nice and small footprint, and fits your existing tools and business processes. You can copy and scan to email, FTP, network, or USB – directly from the simple touch-screen solution.

  • 24/36/44 inch scan width
  • File formats: TIF; JPG; PDF; PDF/A; CALS
Contex quattro mfp2go

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