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Thank you for using our file transfer site.

To help us process your order, quickly and efficiently, there are a number of facts we need to know about your print job.

If you have already received an email from Repropoint with a unique Job or Estimate number, please state it in the message box in section 3.

If you have a Purchase Order, please upload it with your artwork files.

If you do not have a Purchase Order, Job or Estimate number, please send us a file (e.g. MS word, text file) that contains your jobs specific requirements.

To help us process your job in good time, the specific information we require should include:

  • Job name:
  • Order number:
  • Repropoint department (if known. e.g. Indigo):
  • Number of original pages:
  • Number of copies required:
  • Are the page to be printed, single or double sided:
  • What paper/stock do you require:
  • What will the finished size be:
  • How should the job be finished (e.g. saddle stitched):
  • Do you require a proof: (yes/no - pdf or printed proof)
  • Any further job details that we should be aware of:

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