Vote Social Media

Vote Social Media, Will Yublog

Why should you vote for me and the Social Media Party?

Social media is fun and easy to digest.  You can dip in and out at your convenience.

Not only can you build a relationship with your supplier, but by being part of their online community you can connect with other brands, businesses and people you would never have reached otherwise.

Social media helps you build your professional network in a way email and direct mail could never do.

Engaging in social media is free advertising for your business.  Reading our blog, commenting via twitter or linked in will help build your own brand.

With social media the bottom line is, the choice to engage is in your hands.


Will you cast the winning vote?

If so, you could WIN £500 in vouchers to spend at John Lewis.

Have you ever wondered how your customers would prefer to receive your marketing material? Well here at Repropoint we have been asking ourselves that very question, how would you like to receive our promotions and newsletters, if at all.

We have devised a fun campaign that will let you decide how you receive material from us in the future, while at the same time providing an insight into the preferred method of communication amongst our customers.

Traditionally we have mailed out printed issues of our newsletter. With the trend of emailing newsletters, we started to question our approach. In these hard economic times, the easy, cost-effective solution is to move everything online. But, we don’t just follow the crowd!

As a company that has built its business by adapting and reacting to our customers’ needs over the last 30 years, we thought it was our duty to find out what you really want.

We’d love to hear what you think and as a thank you for your time we’d like to give you a HALF PRICE voucher for Follow the link below to register your vote.

We have created three candidates, each representing a channel of communication, Print, Email and Social Media. It is up to you to vote for your preferred choice.

As well as being a bit of fun, we hope this campaign will reveal a lot about how businesses want to receive marketing material and their decisions around this. We will publish the results in the next issue of our newsletter, which you will receive in your preferred format.

Is Print Dead?

Yes it’s easy to think that print is dead. With the Internet, all businesses have to do is post content online; everyone will flock to their site to read it, right? They can just send an email at a very low cost. Print and postage prices keep going up – why on earth would anyone print?

There are some compelling reasons why print is not dead. Read on and have a think about your life and how you respond to printed and on line media.

Printed mail gets delivered – It doesn’t get caught up in spam filters.  It is proven that the majority of people prefer to hold, touch and feel what they are reading. Quality printed communications have more perceived value. Take Boden for a great example; The below catalogue was mailed out and where ‘you’ appears, the recipients name was inserted along with transactional detail and date of their first order.


Targeted, funny, memorable.  Think about it. How many companies are willing to do this? Your customers realise you’re spending money to do it and this appreciation goes along way. Print is sticky. It hangs around. People keep it for further or future reading. Not only are printed items likely to be read from start to finish, but quite often they will get passed around.

Yes…email is fast, easy and cheap. But who cares if it’s not effective?

The real truth is that the vast majority of email lies unopened. Some click throughs are accidental and used to bolster ROI.  Quite often large quantities of email are deleted at the push of a button.

Even if you are known to your recipients, you still risk being deleted. Maybe your email got caught in a large chunk of junk mail. Or… maybe they’re just having a bad day. Increasingly people are bombarded by email. Spam accounts for about 90% of it.

An email opens the opportunity for your clients to easily and immediately interact with you and yes an email provides instantaneous track-able results. The beauty of email is that it  allows you to have a speedy analysis of your return on investment. Tie the Boden direct mail with juicy discount voucher sent via email and perhaps we have a winning combo?

So, which one should you do: Print or email or  both? And what about those of us who rarely delve into our inbox and use social media to communicate ? This opens a whole new range of possibilities (to be explored in a future post!).

We are not suggesting that you stop your email marketing and or never send another printed newsletters. Send an email on a weekly basis. But, send a printed quarterly newsletter too. Or simply ask your clients. Survey them to see which one THEY prefer. After all… isn’t it all about what the customer wants?

What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below


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